The Coach 2 - cover  

The Coach 2 mission from god

The new breathtaking windsurfing DVD that you didn't know you been waiting for. And can't live without! Click here to watch the trailer!

The Coach - backwind main  

The Coach 2 windsurfing video like you never seen before...

Kristoffer Living S-80 (Simmer / RRD) breaks new ground in this unique DVD. Togehter with top sailors such as Victor Fernandez, Ben Proffitt, Kai Katchadourian and Kauli Seadi, he brings a new dimension to windsurfing entertainment!

Coachen - cover  

The Coach the beginning

Released in 2004, our first windsurfing film was an inspirational meeting with the Coach, the alter ego of Kristoffer Living. Now on DVD!

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